100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you're not happy with your lessons I will do anything in my power to resolve that. It hasn't happened yet!

I accept all credit cards, Paypal, and Venmo. 

I'm often asked by new students if there are any books that should be purchased or anything that should be prepped before the lesson. Don’t worry about any of that! Every student is different so I rarely give the same assignments twice. Part of our first lesson will include my assessment of where to begin with lessons and I use a lot of my own PDF music sheets. 

Here's what you need to start online lessons:

1. Your instrument of choice (Piano, keyboard, Hammond Organ, ukulele...)

2. A computer, tablet or smart phone (preferably a computer for the larger screen)

3. Internet connection


4. Headphones

5. Smart phone table mount (helps get good video angles)

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