Life Is Short, Music Is Shorter...

March 14, 2014


Hello. This is my first blog. 


As of right now, I have been on this Earth for approximately 22.63 human years (that’s 2.41 dog years for you dog lovers) and next year will be the 20th anniversary of my longtime closest companion, the piano. I am so fortunate to have been introduced to her by my family so many years ago. Growing up, there was always music playing on the stereo, in the car, or on an instrument. My grandfather was a bandleader. My uncle is a musician in Boston. Half of my cousins play instruments. My mom played many instruments growing up... It was inevitable that I become a musician. I can’t imagine doing anything else. In fact, I’ve been privileged enough to financially not have to do anything else! Music has taken me across the world (multiple times!), introduced me to some of my closest friends, and has really helped me express part of who I am in other ways I would not have known how to do. There was no one moment where I knew music was the calling for me. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been pretty decent at whatever instrument I pick up and I am always hearing some song or melody in my head. 


I can go on and on and on about how great music is, how important it is to have music in everyone’s life, and don’t even get me started on music theory, different instruments, genres, gear, music education… BUT I don’t want to focus on music right now. Very recently, I have come to realize that music isn’t everything. I know many musicians who spend their whole lives practicing, performing, and listening to music (or to one type of genre to be more specific) then when time for conversations with fellow human beings…music and other musicians are all they can talk about. But not music in a sense of sharing new compositions or harmonic ideas but more of a competition at how you played that melody incorrectly or who can play the fastest or how much more money I made on the gig than you did…blah blah blah… 


Personally, I strongly think one’s musical proclamations are much more interesting to listeners if there is an inspiration that isn’t originated by something musical. What does that mean? If all I do all day, every day is sit in a lonely practice room and only hear those twelve pitches over and over again, all I would have to say to my audience (other than that prepared piece) is maybe what I had to eat that day or what color the walls were or what temperature the room was…(snore) I would have nothing new to say. As opposed to, say, if I practiced what I needed to work on THEN went for a hike, hung out with friends at a bar, and/or went to the beach, I would be able to express what I did that day and I would have so much to say AND everyday would sound a bit different depending on what happened that day. Try it!

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